What is a Certified Nurse Assistant?

What is a certified nurse assistant, or CNA? The answer to that question can consist of many things when you think about everything that is included in the job description. But the actual meaning is a person who has successfully completed a training program or course that is set to the rules that was established by the board of nursing.

When you actually work as a nurse’s aid you will have many responsibilities that revolve around your patients and the duties that a registered professional nurse has set for you to do. You must have a strong grasp of emergency procedures and be able to stay calm in stressful situations. But you will have basic task daily that will consist of your job.

The basic task may include simple things from answering patient call signals, clean restrooms, change linens, to even helping geed patients who are unable to feed themselves. To having the ability to observe patients’ conditions along with measuring and recording food along with liquid intake. But your duties will change on a daily basis. Some days you might have the responsibilities of transporting patients to treatment units by using a wheelchair or stretcher. To even applying dressing and being able to supervising exercise routines.

The list of duties that a patient care tech may have has the ability to go on and on. But one responsibility will always be the same. And that is taking care and making sure the patients have what they need and helping them heal or adjust depending on their situation. Whether you work in a hospital or a long term care facility you will have basically the same duties that your supervisor sets for you.

What is a certified nurse assistance? It is a great entry point into not only a nursing career but also the medical career. Which is a field that everyone will always need, and that always seems to be looking for reliable people that are wanting to help. And not mention that the course that is required only takes about six to twelve weeks to complete. Which in the long run will give you a career that will never be the same everyday.