A Day In The Life Of A CNA

A day in the life of a CNA may not be the most glorified job in the nursing field, but it is a very respectable job. Depending on the setting that you are working in, long term medical facility or even an emergency room your duties will vary but will consist of the same things. One main thing that a c n a deals with is the exposure to different situations.

Under a licensed registered nurse the c.n.a is the general caregiver in assisting patients with their daily activities. From taking vital signs, intake admission and release, but the main responsibility during the day is having the responsibility of monitoring and caring for all the patients. They do have the task of assisting with specialized and routine care along with other activities during a 24 hour shift rotation.

Normally c.n.a.s are required to work either 8 hour or 12 hour shifts. The 8 hour shift normally begins at 7 am, 3 pm, or 11 pm. With the 12 hour shift it will normally begins at 6 am, or 7 am for the day shift and then 6 pm or 7 pm for the night shift. No matter what shift that may be worked, your duties and responsibilities will never change, just the situation and time will.

With whatever shift that is worked you will be an emotional provider, that is vital in providing the best care for the patients. A c.n.a has the ability to keep the other medical staff up to date on the patient medical and emotional state, things that normally would not be known by doctors or R. N’s. Thus being able to play a role in providing the proper care that is needed for the patient to recover or simply be able to adjust to their present situation.

A day in the life of a C.N.A may not always be glamorous but is always rewarding. Having the ability to be deeply involved in a patient’s care. The power to gain the trust of the sick is always key in making the career a success.