CNA Skills Test

Are you wondering what the CNA skills test will consist of? But the main duties and knowledge revolve around the patients. Whether it is answering call bells to feeding patients that are not able to feed themselves. Everything that a nurse aid does always in a way will benefit the patient or resident that they are caring for. They are qualified to assist with medications as long as it is under the supervision of a resisted nurse.

From having the ability of being able to identify the necessary needs of adults, residents or even patients who are no longer able to take care of themselves. It also consist of performing many healthcare chores that include helping the patient in and out of the bed or shower. Having the knowledge of being able to have proper nutrition and food preparation and the safety standards along with ambulation techniques.

But keep in mind your duties will change everyday depending on the needs of your patients and their needs. In the same sense you will still be performing those chores but in a different way. The trade that a patient care will be able to provide is sometimes limited, but the ability to be deeply involved in the patients care will stay the same.

The main goal is to make sure the patient or resident is free from danger and their needs are meet. From changing their bedding and clothing to making sure they are turned. This will prevent bed sores from appearing which is very painful for older people. But as with all jobs you have certain things you have to do on a daily basis. And it is no different in the medical field. The daily duties is making sure they are bathed, changed, and feed. Those are the top things that will be in your list of things to do everyday.

The CNA skills test has a wide variety of things that it can consist of but all of the duties will always revolve around the care of others. Whether you are working in a hospital or a long term care facility, the residents young and old will all need to be cared for with the top of the line care that is able to be provided.