CNA Registry

A CNA registry varies somewhat by state, but will include basically the same important registration information. The registry will consist of names, addresses, and phone numbers of individuals that meet all the standards set forth by the medical board. The standards can vary when it comes to having to follow state guidelines, but again they’ll all be fairly similar.

To even be consider to be on the registry you do have to meet all the state and federal requirements. Which will include having successfully completed an approved CNA program. Also provide a copy of all paper work along with having a criminal background check. The state board registry rules requires all medical facility to verify that the applicant is on the registry and is able to be employed in that state.

To get on the registry you are required to complete an approved nursing program that is taught by a certified instructor. Also you have to have successfully taken and past the board test before you can consider to be on the state registry.

Another big part when it comes to the state registry is being able to stay on the list. There are several requirements set forth by the state to keep your name on the list as active. A c n a is required to at least work 8 paid hours in a medical facility within the last 24 months. If you do not meet that requirement you may to retake the test to get re-certified. But it is required under the state and federal laws that the license needs to be renewed every 2 years. The only ones that are placed on the registry are those that are shown to be competent.

You may check your standings on the the states C.N.A. registry by calling or going on to their website and looking up your information. This will provide information if you have been found to have a negative standing or not. A negative rating could result in not getting a job that you recently applied for. A negative will be placed on your name if you are found to have abused or mistreated a patient.