CNA Certification

When it comes to meeting the requirements that is need to take the final step in your new career. You will have to go through the process of the CNA cerfication to be able to work and obtain your certificate. The first things to make sure is that you have had the approved courses and the right amount of hours in training.

Whether it is from a medical facility, community college or even as a military corpsman or medic. These requirments will have to be met within the last two years. Or you might have the ability to have graduated from an approved nursing program within the last three years. And when you have accomplished that you will then take the step of having to complete a national criminal background check.

After these are met then you will go to the next step of actually taking the examination. Which consist of a multiple choice written exam that is administered in a group setting. Along with a manual skill test. That will test you as an insividual in a clinical setting. You will be given five task to perform along with the necessary equipment and supplies. The clients will be actors for you to perform your task on. When you are grade on this part a registered nurse will observe and rate your performance. A part of the test, only a small portion will be reading comprehension.

But keep in mind you do have to apply to be able to take the test and get board certified. There are two ways to schedule for the test. Either through you instructor or you will need to complete and application and send it directly to the OSBN office. Keep in mind when you do apply directly with the OSBN you will in return receive a letter from the testing service the will be motifying ou of the date, time and place for the exam before the actual exam date. With all that being completed you will take the step of actually going through the c.n.a certification process and making it that closer in being a certified nurse assistance.